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If I could just say, I'm not pleading poverty. Every organisation has limited resources. We're actually quite well resourced on the data protection side. But every regulator has to make choices and to focus on the areas of greatest concern and abuse, and it usually begins with some evidence of things going wrong or else a programme of checking sector by sector. I'm not going to get the massive expansion of resources that would allow me to do everything that the various parties who have an interest in this Inquiry would like.

I had a letter last night, and no doubt this will be coming up later in the evidence, saying why have I not made contact with every individual whose name is mentioned in the Motorman file? And part of the answer to that is going to be I would have to take on a veritable army of extra people. I'm also going to say I don't think it's necessary, but this isn't practical. All regulators have to pick their battles, prioritise their resources, and I just need some evidence of there being a problem before I divert resources to do it.

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