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I must have missed that. Actually, Mr Davies, you raise that point. You'll see in the transcript of the Select Committee hearing that I was embarrassed by questioning from Mr Farrelly, the MP, who was talking about the case of Peter Kilfoyle, the former minister, who was apparently incandescent that he hadn't been informed by the Information Commissioner's office that the Mail, I think, had been trying to get hold of his home number. I was flustered and I said I'd better go and find out more about this, and when I looked at the file, this was on the weekend that he had resigned from the government. It was a Sunday night, and news desks, very reasonably, I felt, wanted to get hold of his information.

So I wrote to the Mr Kilfoyle and said, "You're very welcome to exercise your subject access request, come and view the material and so on but that's what it's about", and I heard no more.

That's an example of a manifestly defensible use of that service.

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