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Well, to go back to one of the core elements of the audit report was the construction of the privacy working group, and absolutely that was -- the privacy working group was very much part of the privacy policy change that we announced this week, which of course is part of an ongoing process of improving our privacy policies.

I just, if I may, sir, just outline very briefly what those -- what we are trying to do this week with our privacy policy change because it's very relevant to the idea that we discuss our privacy policies with outside parties.

Part of the feedback that we had had from data protection authorities was that we had too many privacy policies. It turned out that we had over 70 covering our different products. Each of those privacy policies was accurate, it gave users really useful information, but the fact that there were so many of them probably didn't help the average user understand exactly what those privacy policies were intended to do.

So we took that feedback on board and produced one simplified privacy policy, and we were very pleased yesterday that Viviane Reding, the European Commissioner in charge of privacy, who published new regulations around online privacy yesterday, said that she applauded it, so I think it's very much a product of the feedback that we've had, the privacy principles that we -- that govern our approach on privacy, and also the fact that we take privacy very seriously.

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