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It is an incredibly interesting question. I think it gets to the nub of what the Inquiry is looking at. I don't want to get into the sort of position of speculating about what the regulation might look like, or whether it's backed by law or not.

I think, with a process like that, we would look for exactly the same things that you would look for, which were robustness, that justice is being done, that there's fairness, that there's -- that people get to the truth of the issue.

I don't want to speculate what our submission to that idea might be, or our reaction to it might be, because I'd want to look at it in a great deal of detail.

The one point I would make is that we obviously, with our UK services, comply with UK law, but I would want to have a very serious think about a process like that before giving you a full answer. So maybe as you develop the ideas for a process like that during the Inquiry, then we could give you some evidence written into the Inquiry --

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