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Okay, I'll attempt not to be overtechnical.

For instance, if I wanted to find out news about this Inquiry, I would -- I could either go to the Google Search home page, put in "Leveson Inquiry". Within those page of search results, some of them would be news search results. Or I could go to Google News, which is dedicated to making queries amongst news content.

So I put in that query. We then serve back to you what we think is the most relevant information linked to the query that you've made.

To be more specific, if I put in, say, maybe I'm interested in a particular football team and I follow a particular player and I want to track whether that person is injured for Saturday's game or not amongst the news, I put in the name of that person into Google News, and then at the back end our algorithm works very hard to serve back to you links to newspaper or other news content websites that is most relevant to that query.

It's also important to explain what we're not doing. We're not producing that news ourselves. We're merely producing the relevant links to the most relevant information that we think you're looking for.

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