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I will come to Daphne's world in a second, but as you said at the end, what we're trying to do is to provide information that is the most relevant to the query that you've made, and again I want to emphasise, not to you, but to the query that you've made. That's the criteria. We don't say, "We don't like this particular newspaper this week", someone sits in an office and says, "Let's just take those people out"; that's not how it works.

In terms of content, which is the subject of the discussion Daphne's been having with you around removals, obviously there's a process for that form of content, and if you're the webmaster of an online newspaper or a newspaper's online site, then you use the tools that Daphne has outlined to refresh content, for instance if you've taken something down because it's been found to be defamatory, but I want to underline the central premise of Google News just as the central premise of our overall search service is relevance, not whether we like a particular newspaper or not. Doesn't come into it.

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