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It's the user, and sort of to make the comparison to Web Search, as I described before, Web Search is us being an intermediary, a technical indexer of third-party content that's hosted on third-party machines. Blogger is us providing a hosting platform for third-party content that's hosted on our machines. So it is different. It's on our machines. We didn't create it, we didn't write any of it, we certainly don't have time to read it, given the scale at which it's uploaded, but we do host it and have the power to take it down, and do when appropriate.

What's the same about Web Search and Blogger is the notice and takedown framework that I described. In both cases, the same web form that I've shown you, where you can check the box to say, "My complaint is about Search", you can also check the box to say, "My complaint is about Blogger", and consistent with the E-Commerce Directive notice and takedown framework and the implementing legislation in the UK, we operate the same kind of notice and takedown process.

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