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Yes, I think it -- I would say a couple of things. Firstly, the Internet is very well regulated in two ways. There is regulation, and we've been discussing what future regulation might look like, and that is really embodied by principles around the E-commerce Directive. The European Commission's published its proposals for online privacy regulation, but -- so it's important to emphasise we don't think the Internet should just be self-regulated. There is already a body of very tight regulation, particularly in areas around data.

But self-regulation is also important, because regulation doesn't cover everything, and we see ourselves as a responsible company. We work very closely with the IWF, but also other bodies. I can think of some -- an example in the UK that we've been involved in with the Advertising Standards Authority, so to making sure that online advertising is being checked in the right sort of way, and we play an active part in that, but also in terms of global governance of the Internet, there are very well established forums such as the Internet Governance Forum, the IGF, where every year a collection of government and NGOs and Internet companies come together and work out where the new responsibilities should be lying. So both traditions are important, but I don't want to imply and neither of us want to imply that in some way we think it should just be self- regulated, because --

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