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I'm pleased to be able to tell you that we reached a settlement with the FTC in November of last year, with a series of undertakings that we agreed to with them to ensure that, for example, we have clearly defined privacy officers both on the product side and the policy side within the company, that we will report regularly back to the FTC on what it is that we're doing, and that, for example, we will undertake certain forms of engagement with our users beyond those which we already do and which are very extensive, when we make certain forms of changes to the platform.

So that agreement is there with the FTC, and I think it does -- I mean, the fact that this happened reflects the fact that as a platform Facebook is under an enormous amount of scrutiny, and that huge user base of 800 million users means that people are very willing to come forward if they have concerns or criticisms about the platform, and I would say equally we're willing to meet them and to try and find an agreement and a settlement.

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