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Yes. I think it's perhaps important to understand the distinction between a service like Facebook and I think you heard evidence earlier about people using different national domain names to create different entities like Google does and some other service providers, and Facebook, which is a single global community. It's designed so that I can speak with my cousin in the United States, so it makes no sense to have a UK Facebook and an American Facebook. There is one Facebook.

Given that we have that structure, that design goal, to have a single global community, there are sometimes exceptional circumstances where we get a report of content that is illegal in one jurisdiction and not in others, and there are technical means available to restrict the access to some of the content on Facebook on the basis of the person who is viewing it. It's not something we do by preference, and as I say our experience is that it's not something that we commonly have to do, because most of the breaches are breaches of our terms of service that are global breaches and therefore actionable globally.

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