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Yes. One of the innovations that we've been working on -- and again, to be very clear, we regard our success as being dependent on a number of factors. I already talked about real identity as one of them. Providing a safe and orderly environment in which your daily experience is not coming across illegal or offensive material in terms of our terms of service is another of them. So we're constantly trying to assist the people who use our service to understand what the limits are, what they can and can't do.

One of the innovations that we're working on at the moment is where we've had to remove a piece of content, to post a message, so when that user next logs on, they get a message right in front of them that says, "Hey, you've reached our terms of service, this is what you did, you must click here to acknowledge that you breached the terms of service before you can carry on using Facebook", so that kind of thing, which we call an educational checkpoint, makes people stop and take some education, is an example of the kind of innovation that we think can provide for a very safe environment and one in which hopefully people get better behaved over time because they understand the rules better.

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