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All the time our starting point -- and again I think the starting point for most of our peers -- is that we've created a platform on which people should be free to speak, as long as they do that within our rules. So if they are -- part of their speech is that they're interested in linking to a newspaper site, for example the New York Times, and discuss material on there, that should be fine. You could imagine the circumstances under which somebody has a problem with one particular article on the New York Times, and in those circumstances, we would regard it as disproportionate to remove all links to that publication because of the one article.

Again, I think there's a very comparable debate going on in the copyright space about at what point does a site that someone might link to become wholly illegal or primarily illegal and therefore subject to some form of action, removal, and at what point does that site that's otherwise perfectly legitimate that happens to have a very small amount of illegal material, to what extent should one be reasonably permissive of that site having connections?

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