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Sorry, one of the great issues that the Inquiry is facing is the extent to which what might be described as the traditional media is being impacted by social media and other similar types of publication online, and the concern that information that they are not permitted to publish can spin around social media sites in a way that puts them at a commercial disadvantage, but also could prejudice proceedings or whatever.

I'm not saying that Facebook were at all involved in, for example, identifying the name of somebody who had sought an injunction, and whether that came to Facebook, it doesn't really matter, because it could equally come through any one of these routes.

Has your industry given any thought to how that position can be regularised or made better, because one of the arguments that is presented to me is -- they don't put it in this way, but I will: "Why are you hitting me, because however you control me, there are a whole load of other people out there who are just poking their thumbs up at you and there's nothing you can do about it"?

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