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If you establish a meaningful regulator, if you have your privacy abused or you're libelled, you should be able to go straight to the regulator and skip the whole court process, especially if you're not a person of means, it's a wonderful thing to be able to go to, and I think that would be the most wonderful thing to come out of this Inquiry, if there was a proper regulator that gave access to justice of that kind without having to go through the courts. But there will always be cases when people will have to go through the courts, and when they do, it is scandalous, in my opinion, that this will now be -- if what is going through Parliament now on the back of the Jackson Report happens, people without great means will be excluded from justice.

If you look at the Dowlers, used a CFA to -- if their phone hacking case against the News of the World. They would not have been able to make that case, they would not have been able to prosecute that case without a CFA. Chris Jefferies, the man wrongly accused of that murder down in Bristol, wrongly maligned by the press, had to use a CFA to get justice. Sara Payne, same thing.

Without CFAs, those people have no justice, and this whole campaign to restrict the use of CFAs has been very heavily pushed by the tabloid press, and the government, in its infinite obedience to the tabloid press, has simply said, "Yes, fine."

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