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Yeah, of course, that would be fine. Absolutely fine. But I'm talking here about intrusion, and I have heard the defence quite frequently from tabloid papers: "Oh, well, you know, if you have ever talked about your private life, then you have no defence, you have no right to an expectation of privacy", which I think is absurd. Because anyone -- I mean, as I told you earlier, I think I've only done two interviews ever with the British press, but when anyone does do an interview, it is, after all, a bargain. The press of that paper gets a boost in sales, they hope, and the person who's giving the interview gets a bit of noise about their forthcoming project. And like any barter, when it's over, it's over. If I sell you a pint of milk for 50p, I would not expect you to come to me forever afterwards, saying, "You slut, you sold me milk once. I can now help myself to your milk forever." I would think you were mad.

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