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Because I'm tired, I wouldn't mind reading it, actually, seeing as it's in my statement. It's my conclusion. I just say:

"I don't want to see the end of popular print journalism. I wouldn't want a country that was fawning to power or success. I like and admire and would always want to protect the British instinct to be sceptical, irreverent, difficult and to take the piss and that a free press is, of course, the cornerstone of democracy."

There's no question about that. I just think that there has been a section of our press that has become -- allowed to become toxic over the last 20 or 30 years, its main tactic being bullying and intimidation and blackmail. I think that that needs a lot of courage to stand up to and I feel that it's time -- you know, this country has had historically a good record standing up to bullies, and I think it's time that this country found the courage to stand up to this bully now.

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