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I think it works well. One of the real advantages of the ASA system is the way it's evolved. You only have to look beneath the surface at this, at first sight, very complicated mix of different models within an over-arching model to see that it must be the product of a substantial amount of evolution over quite a long period of time responding to the different circumstances that apply in different areas, and trying to find the right checks and balances or incentives that work.

I think we have a good record of doing that and maybe we will come on in a minute to talking about the recent changes to the ASA system whereby we've extended the non-broadcast code to cover a lot more advertising online, particularly on websites, where we've had to think really quite deeply about new sanctions that might work in that area because that's one area where there is no media middleman. Advertisers who are making claims about their own goods and services on their own websites are not going through a media gatekeeper, for want of a better word, so we have to find something, some leverage that can be applied against those who are incapable or unwilling to comply with the code.

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