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Only that it's been, in my opinion, the biggest and most important change to the ASA system since we took on responsibility for regulating broadcast ad regulation in late 2004 and it's led to a huge increase in our workload.

The reason for that is not hard to see. It matters to people. A lot of people, the vast majority of whom are members of the public, are at the very least spending a lot of time looking at websites even if they are not necessarily buying goods and services through websites and they don't want to be misled particularly by advertising that appears on those websites in the same way they don't want to be misled by ads they see anywhere else. So there's a real demand for that and it's actually been an operational challenge for us because of the huge workload. We wonder whether it might be a jurisdictional challenge in a sense that it's not always easy to draw dividing lines between advertising claims on companies' own websites and other content.

We spent a lot of time thinking about that in the run-up to the extension of our remit back in March last year. In fact, that hasn't proved to be the bugbear that we feared it might be.

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