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Anyone in our call centre environment who deals with customer information, we provide them with a level of training and guidance to make sure, as with the other networks that we've heard from, that they're aware of the types of attacks that can happen and the types of, you know, as you've put it blagging that can happen and that they've got an awareness to make sure that they can deal with that.

The other thing we try and make our customers aware of is the PINs themselves, because, as you say, if they put a date of birth, the system may not know that and it may not be to the system an easy guessable PIN, it's really important that we keep the messages going to our clients that they should treat any PIN numbers that they set up on the mobile communications network exactly as they would with their banking credentials and they must keep them secure, whether they're default or not. If the pass may have been online, they must keep their PIN numbers secure.

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