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What we did manage to agree with the police around the time the investigation was, they accepted that we could send out some generic voicemail security advice to customers within our organisation which would be perhaps more at risk, so people in the media, members of government, et cetera, so we were able to push out some communications, some general awareness communication to them at the time.

Also, throughout the whole of the period of the investigation from 2006 right the way through until now, clearly it started to get into the media, so we did field a lot of calls from really concerned customers saying, "I'm worried about what's happened, have I been a victim?"

As I've said previously, we would never be able to, with any level of clarity, without seeing that police evidence, confirm that they were a victim, but what we were able to do was see whether their information had been supplied to the police as part of the evidence bundle, and if it had, we informed them of that and asked them to then contact the police for more details.

To answer your question sort of directly, I think with the benefit of hindsight it would be have been much better to have a level of clarity with the police much earlier so that we could tell our customers what the issue was.

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