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My own experience was we conducted one, shall we say, appeal against a finding of culpability in respect of one member who had allegedly breached client confidentiality in that he'd used a film of a surveillance on the television, I think it was local television, and the client involved disputed the investigator's claim that the investigator had permission to use that film. That's the only occasion I know of where we've had a hearing, as such.

Other complaints have been made, but they're usually about the size of an investigator's bill, which is purely a contractual matter between the client and the investigator, unsubstantiated, unclear allegations of an investigator's behaviour where a solicitor's made a representation on behalf of a client but refused to identify who the client was, so we applied the principles of fairness and said, "Without evidence, we can't really conduct an investigation", and that's pretty much the extent, my recollection, of any disciplinary issues with the Institute.

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