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Only on it was established that level 4 NVQs required a level of management qualification or experience and that was a decision made early on by the then board. Subsequently, NVQs fell into disuse. There were a few people that went through it, but it fell into disuse, so we couldn't really use it as our benchmark.

What we have now is an assessment admissions committee, who look at the qualifications submitted by an applicant and decide on a level of participation based on those qualifications. What we try to do is keep them as high as possible, but we're also cogent of the fact that in the IPI, and this is where the term "private investigators" becomes a confusion, because a lot of our members aren't -- they are investigators and they work in the private sector, but they're not what a member of the public would understand a private investigator to be. For example, we have one forensic tax accountant, and we've had forensic accountants in the past.

So identifying a qualification that fits a generic membership level is difficult. We have to look at individual qualifications and decide if that fits our bill, as it were.

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