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As circumstances arise and events pass in time, we tend to address those problems with articles through our journal The Professional Investigator which is sent by email to all the members who are on email and posted to those who request it. If an issue arises, then we tend to put something in writing and circulate it. If it's more urgent than that, we'll circulate it directly by email, and when the opportunity arises, we'll have a seminar.

For example, relevant to this particular Inquiry, I think it would have been 2008 or 2009 we had two investigators from the ICO come to our annual general meeting and give a three quarter of an hour presentation on data protection legislation and what was Operation Motorman, the results and their findings and their opinions as to the way forward and what was going on in the private investigation -- information brokers' industry, shall we call it, because we -- as a sector, private investigators like to distance themselves, understandably, from those people who call themselves private investigators. Basically they're information brokers. They go out blagging, obtaining information unethically, shall we say, and passing it on to whoever's willing to pay for that information.

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