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No, no, no, no. I was trying to say that one of the results of the industry tightening up its code, trying to behave in a more acceptable way, in a more ethical way, was that the Sunday newspapers used to be given great latitude to reveal truly sensational stories which enabled them to create great circulations. They no longer have that latitude for all kinds of reasons: the growth of the privacy law, the growth of, as I say, the code, the tightening up of the code.

Some people would argue it's a good thing that those papers no longer break those stories. Other people might say it's a pity that they're dying and the political and serious journalism that went along with those sensational stories is no longer being disseminated by those papers. I wouldn't have had the News of the World in my house, but it did break great, great stories and put a lot of serious political coverage in it, actually. That no longer now is reaching their 3 or 4 million readers. I think that's a pity.

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