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Right, we've discussed the civil -- the contract, which I think is attractive and should be explored and it needs to convince Lord Justice Leveson that it would work and it would be robust and have teeth. I'm turning this a little bit backwards, but I think someone else has proposed this arbitration arm to the new system, the new tri-part system of arbitration. I welcome that. If cheap and quick justices can be -- or decisions can be established in this way and in privacy and defamation cases, clearly everybody, but particularly the newspaper industry, would benefit, because you know we're reeling from the extraordinary costs involved in no win no fee cases.

I must say, I welcome it, but I have my doubts. I wonder whether it's going to be as cheap as you think it is. I don't know how such a set-up, such a structure would deal with a Mosley. I cannot believe it's not going to need some kind of secretariat. I cannot believe that when big, big players, very wealthy players, come along, they're not going to bring along expensive silks and then the industry is going to have to supply its lawyers, but nevertheless --

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