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I think you might have the chance to find out which example, but I'd like to cut through a lot of this, if I can, and ask this: I don't know whether you've seen the information that the core participants have seen, including leading counsel acting for Associated, but it seems to me that it is extremely difficult to justify some of the requests that were made. I'm not saying you knew about them, but my question is: do you admit the possibility that at least some of these enquiries could not be justified by the type of explanation that you have given? I'm not concerned to ask how many or who because that's a detail which, for the purposes of my Inquiry, I don't believe I need to go to, but I would be keen to know whether, as a broad proposition, you are prepared to accept that possibility.

Now, what I think we'll do is I think we'll take a break, because we need a break to give the shorthand writer a few minutes off, and I would have no difficulty at all about your discussing that question with Mr Caplan, if you wish to.

I'm not trying to label your newspaper at all. I'm simply trying to get the overall picture so that I can move on, because I don't want to spend more time on what is a very long time ago than is absolutely necessary. I'm sure you'll understand that.

I hope that doesn't cause embarrassment to you or to Mr Caplan. Thank you.

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