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Can I say as strongly as I can that this, I believe, shows how the Inquiry doesn't understand how newspapers work. To my mind, this is a story and a feature handled with superb sensitivity. I've been through it. I think it's written with massive compassion. I think the family come out of it wonderfully. The love between the brother and sister is extraordinary. The religious faith of the family comes across. The learning disability -- the mother and the son wrote a book about that, on how to handle court cases for people with learning disabilities. I think that's a wonderful message to get out to the public. I think that was an extraordinary story. A girl stabbed, paralysed, having a baby. We then learn that her brother was stabbed in similar circumstances years ago. An open court discussed that case. It was reported by the local papers. That's how our journalists knew about it. I repeat: I think this story was handled with massive sensitivity.

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