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Well, it is an uncharitable suggestion. I mean, are you really telling me that I would risk going to jail, I would risk destroying my career, I would put my proprietor and my paper in that position, and that I couldn't take a principled stand against something I felt very strongly about, and that was only because this man, at some stage many years previously, had done some plastering work for me? I really do find that insulting and it's with more sorrow than anger that I respond to it.

Are you really suggesting that when the Daily Mail launched a great campaign to provide the relatives of the Omagh victims support in their action to take civil action against the terrorists who ruined their lives -- and we raised money for them, and we financially indemnified them, and the historic decision -- the courts awarded damages to that family -- are you saying that's because I knew someone from the Omagh campaign? Well, I served in Ireland sat some time. Are you really saying that because I know someone who carries plastic bags that we launched our great campaign to ban plastic bags from Britain? Are you really saying that I needed to know someone involved in the Garry McKinnon case, in which an Asperger's victim, a vulnerable Asperger's victim, is being extradited because of our unbalanced extradition laws to America? I did that because I knew someone?

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