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Mr Dacre, I would like to ask you about Mr Morrissey's case, only because in a succinct and, if I may say so, well-written submission, a number of points are made. It's under tab 34. I don't have the URN number, although it has been provided.

Mr Morrissey is a well known television actor. He's best known for a comedy, "Men Behaving Badly", and this was a piece in the Mail published in March 2011 where the headline was: "Man behaving badly -- TV star banned from bar near his idyllic French retreat after locals object to 'le binge drinking'."

What happened here, if I can seek to summarise the position, is that a Mail reporter did try and contact Mr Morrissey, or through his agent, before publication. The allegations were strongly denied. The point was made that Mr Morrissey did not want his privacy compromised and yet the Mail went ahead and published. So far so good. Is that what happened, so far as you're aware?

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