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I think they would have got those anyway, Mr Dacre, but let's move on.

If I can just deal with the issue of CFAs as a separate matter, was there -- indeed it's clear there was -- there was a meeting involving you, Rebekah Wade, Murdoch MacLennan and Jack Straw over CFAs, or maybe it was a dinner. It's referred to in our tab 9. It's A speech you gave. The fourth page of that speech. If I can just lock it in in terms of time, it's a speech you gave to the Society of Editors. I'm not clear entirely when this was. I think it was probably before mid-2008, when the 2008 Act came into force in relation to Section 55 of the Data Protection Act, but we can see from page 4 you say this:

"Thirdly, there's to be action on the 'scandalous' greed of CFA lawyers. That adjective is not mine, by the way, but Justice Minister's Jack Straw's in a recent speech on the subject. For following Number 10's intervention all those months ago, there have been many constructive meetings between the industry and the Ministry of Justice on what to do about CFA.

"A few weeks ago, I, Rebekah Wade and Murdoch MacLennan saw Jack Straw who assured us that, in the next few months, he is set to unveil proposals to reform CFA, including capping lawyers' fees."

Can you tell us the circumstances in which you met the then Lord Chancellor?

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