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Sir, I would suggest that these questions do not and should not be put by Mr Sherborne. You'll remember, sir, when Mr Grant gave evidence I did not cross-examine him. I said evidence would be filed. I think if I had applied to cross-examine him, it would have been given very short shrift.

Sir, the procedure to which we have all been working is that core participants put questions which are relevant to the Inquiry's terms of reference through Inquiry counsel, and on very, very rare exceptions have you given leave for core participants to cross-examine a witness. The Information Commissioner was one.

Sir, the three issues that Mr Sherborne has highlighted are all to do with Mr Grant. The "mendacious smear" is a matter which has been covered by Mr Jay already. The issues concerning the birth of Mr Grant's daughter and the issues concerning the plummy-voiced executive are issues which satisfactorily, insofar as they are relevant, can be dealt with by evidence on paper.

Sir, you have said many times that you're concerned with the general issues and the important issues here of culture and practices of the media, and with respect, these are issues in respect of which no finding of fact is in fact required.

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