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Look, Amanda Platell describes the birth of Mr Grant's daughter on 3 November in these terms:

"Once a most loved actor, the truth is Grant has become a lonely, bitter man, consumed with hatred of the media who helped make him a star. One can only imagine how scarred his abandoned daughter is going to feel. It remains to be seen if the self-obsessed Mr Grant will be able to give any long-term commitment apart from a financial one, by dipping into his fortune."

That's written on 3 November, but Ms Hartley has exhibited to her supplemental witness statement an email from Mr Todd, one of the journalists who was trying to cover the birth of Mr Grant's daughter. The email that was sent to Mr Grant's assistant on 25 October, nine days earlier, says this about the birth:

"Hi Sarah [that's, of course, Mr Grant's assistant]. Further to our conversation earlier, this is to inform you we are intending to publish an article that Hugh Grant became a father for the first time on 26 September to a baby daughter born at the Portland Clinic in central London. The mother is Tinglan Hong. We think this is wonderful news."

It's hardly consistent, is it?

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