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I can't definitively say that this was bought to bury it, but it is the case that we broke a story about William Hague sharing a hotel room with his special adviser. We also had pictures of the special adviser in a gay bar. Now, that story that we broke on I think a Thursday caused uproar, and there was trouble afoot. We took the photos to the News of the World. They bought them for £20,000 and never published them. I don't know very much but I know you don't pay £20,000 for photos not to publish.

At the time that was happening, it was at the height of the building tension between Downing Street, Andy Coulson, and matters that were about to come out in a major way, and it's clear to me that the News of the World was in regular contact with Downing Street, and perhaps to curry favour or for whatever reasons, they chose to buy up those pictures and take them off the market.

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