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I once had a negative story about me written up by the Daily Telegraph, Gordon Rayner, I think he's been covering this, and he identified where I live in London, and I said, "How did you do that? There's no records, I'm not on the electoral roll there, I don't have any bank accounts, you couldn't get me by that", and he told me to my face that he had done a name search on the Land Registry. Now, people might not realise it, but the Land Registry is not searchable by name. You can only search that by address. You can put the postcode in or the map co-ordinates and find out who owns it. You cannot go to the Land Registry and give a name and then find out all the properties that person owns unless you know someone in the Land Registry.

Gordon Rayner appears in the Operation Motorman records 335 times making requests to Whittamore. 185 of those have been identified as illegal, you know, getting number plates checked out. How can that be?

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