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That's correct.

We set up primarily as a support group but we were hearing constant themes of challenges to the families that they were finding difficult to deal with on top of the trauma that they were already going through.

The personal experience of finding a piece of salacious gossip and really nonsense story about my dad and my sister 17 years after the event, I decided when I tried to correct what the editor had put in, I phoned them and I felt I lost my temper and I could see him in my mind's eye just holding the phone and letting me rant. So I looked to the university to see if it would be possible to do a research study on the families that we support. At the time we had 52 families on our database. Each family was contacted and 20 responses came in for the report.

Now, I passed those details to the university and they then made the contact with the families that were still willing to take part. So that's where the report came from.

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