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From a personal point of view, this is going back to the images one, families do provide photographs. I provided ones for my father and sister, which were ignored. Every time the case was mentioned or came into the press, it is always a photograph of my sister in her wedding dress, which I find deeply offensive, due to the nature of the domestic abuse that she suffered through the 11 years of her marriage.

Those sort of photographs are really really nasty.

From the experiences of the other families, I think a lot of families give interviews in the hope that it will stop the intrusion, but then they're deeply disappointed when they see inaccuracies such as -- it may seem very simple to anybody else about age or where the person worked or various bits and pieces like that, but to families, they're not stars, they're not celebrities, they're ordinary people who have been thrown into the media glare as well as into a very distressing criminal justice process. So anything that adds to the trauma that they're already suffering is extremely negative.

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