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"Refrain from intrusion at funerals, or 'doorstepping' family members for information or interviews."

My own experience at the funeral was when I came out of the church door, the road was lined with very, very respectful members of the public, and all you could hear was just the click click click clicking of cameras. Luckily enough the church where the funeral was taking place had banned the press from stepping onto the property, but that doesn't always happen.

Families are finding journalists at their door. One family, again that young man that was killed that they thought was the heroin addict, after that there happened to be another murder in that area and the journalists called on the mother's doorstep saying, "I was in the area and I thought you might want to give an interview". So these sort of things are not suitable for families.

One family issued a statement through a solicitor that they were not willing to speak to the press. But that's been ignored.

I think photographing the families close up, I managed to avoid that by not walking behind the hearse, which I did want to do, but when I saw the long lenses, I couldn't do it and I hid in the car, which I -- it's not what I wanted to do, but I did not want to be -- as the sole surviving member of the family, have my photograph spread all over every newspaper that was there.

"Be honest and not mislead anyone in pursuit of an interview with a family member."

This is where we have families who have, as I said earlier, been told that they are friends of the family, trying to pressurise vulnerable members of the family into giving interviews by subterfuge. That's all we can say on that one.

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