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Number 3:

"We need a full public inquiry into all the methods and cultures of the British tabloid press because one of the things that will emerge is that it wasn't just the News of the World; it was all the tabloids ..."

This is a man who's been put on notice by our legal department that we deny this categorically.

"... including the ones that purport to have family values, shorthand the Daily Mail, have been enthusiastic and rabid phone hackers. That was an interview on the Radio 4 World at One.

And lastly, this was to the Prime Minister, a report in the Financial Times:

"The actor, meeting the Prime Minister for the first time since the phone hacking scandal blew up over the summer, said he 'knew for a fact' that 'six or seven newspapers had been involved in phone hacking'."

Clearly that would by implication have included the Daily Mail. That is untrue and false. So it was in that background we'd already told him it wasn't true, that we felt we had to respond even more robustly. I say I'd heard that on the 4 o'clock news, I had a consultation with my legal department, the editor of the Mail on Sunday, we agreed that we'd tried to be reasonable, we'd tried to explain to him that this was not true and that we needed to fight fire with fire on this.

Now, your Honour's made the very good point -- could I have a glass of water?

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