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It's the four corners that concern me. Everything has to be in the perspective of that time. We all knew there was a blue book with all the names in. That's what the Guardian was really referring to. So we knew there were more than just a few. So when I asked of that, with my suspicious mind wondering -- you know, we're getting no response, et cetera, things we've been dealing with -- I actually accepted your interpretation that that was probably right, that in some of these mass cases, then you deal with those at the top and perhaps have to leave the rest. But what we have to answer in this case: didn't they think this there was anything in the sacks of evidence? Didn't they open the blue book and say, "Well, this is bigger than one or two"? The story from the police, from the useless Press Complaints Commission, all of them accepted the argument it was a rogue company -- a rogue individual.

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