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-- might or might not have been tested with interesting results, but fortunately for you it wasn't, Lord Prescott. I'm not suggesting that the settlement was on any wrong legal basis; all I'm suggesting is that it's not wholly clearcut.

Your paragraph 42, if I can move forward to that, Lord Prescott, you set out in bullet point form the matters which arise subsequent upon the MPS's failure to warn victims or properly to investigate. All of these are in the public domain, but you're right to highlight them: a public statement made by Mr Hinton, for example, on 6 March 2007; what the managing editor said in 2008, which is, in effect, the one rogue reporter; what Mr Yates said in July 2009; News International's own statement in July 2009; and then the Andy Hayman statement in the Times newspaper, which we've seen with Mr Paddick.

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