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I would need to check the names. I was phoned, sir, to ask if I would be willing to see police officers. It was during the summer recess, as I recall. They wanted to talk to me about, again, a confidential matter. They asked to come to see me. They came to see me in my constituency office and they told me that they had discovered that Mr Mulcaire had been acting illegally in relation to my phone, that it was the explanation for why I hadn't been able to receive messages and my voicemail had been interfered with, and they wished to prosecute him, and they asked me whether I would be willing to give evidence. They said in their view the evidence that he had hacked my phone was incontrovertible.

I said I would obviously be willing to collaborate. I asked two other significant -- what I hope the Inquiry might believe are significant things. One is whether other political colleagues were also the subject of interference, and I was told that they were, but I think the phrase was other colleagues were not very willing to go public about it, and secondly, I asked whether there were other people involved and they said, "No, we're just proceeding against Mr Mulcaire."

I'm a lawyer, obviously. I understand the sort of sample specimen count concept.

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