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Sir, can I just make a response to that? I am really, really pleased that the Inquiry was set up. I supported very strongly that that should be done. I understand exactly the point you've just made. I was trying not to make the point that now there is a very wide-ranging response to these issues, which is in the public interest, very clearly in my view, and the police are now seized of this issue very strongly, as the Deputy Assistant Commissioner said yesterday. That's a very good thing, not just in relation to the News of the World but more broadly. I would encourage them to, now they've opened the box, complete the task fully.

My comment, sir, wasn't that we aren't in a very good place now potentially to get a much better system, but for the individuals concerned, both those who were the victims -- public figure victims and non-public figure victims -- and those who appeared to be acting illegally, on what we now know, and appeared to continue to act illegally, if there had been robust action in 2006, a lot of the illegal action might have been shut down, stopped, because it would have been dealt with, and a lot of people who are now known to be victims might not have been victims or might not have suffered as much. That was the point I was making.

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