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Of course, but to answer counsel's question, I was clear that only to have a financial sanction would not be enough, and I supported the Commissioner -- not for a ridiculously high prison sentence maximum, but for a prison sentence as an option, with a fairly short sentence as a maximum tariff, as being available to the courts, either for serial offenders or the most serious offenders or whatever, and I then was frustrated because for the remaining period of the Labour administration until 2010, and in particular in 2009 and 2010, when these issues came to light again after the Guardian revelation, in the end there was no action on this, in spite of the fact it was promised and we were led to believe it was coming and that Labour were going to take on board what had happened.

So the fact that the law wasn't changed was frustrating, and to answer Mr Jay's question, I did believe it was appropriate to put that in the box of punishments available, and to add a small prison sentence.

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