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Sir, I think this email is significant in lots of respects. One, it's from Tom Crone, the lawyer. Second, it's to Andy Coulson. Thirdly, it refers exactly to what Rebekah Wade said, and what she said which had been told to her by the police. So the whole of the circuit was made clear by this email.

It deals quickly with the point -- they have the words here "Clive and GM [Glenn Mulcaire] bang to rights on the palace intercept". That takes that out of the way.

Secondly, in answer to counsel's question, 100-110 victims clearly means there's a whole other tranche of people. Six of us gave evidence in the case, but it clearly therefore was not going to be just the activity of the royal correspondent. Not touched, not followed up, not pursued, any of them. Completely illogical.

And then, sir, the issue that I think is very significant, and which actually raises a matter, I think, of profound importance in three, note three: information given by the police to Rebekah Wade, Rebekah Brooks. The only payment records they found were from News International, ie the News of the World retainer and other invoices. They said that over the period they looked at, going way back -- not insignificant -- there seemed to be over a million pounds of payments.

Sir, you'll remember that when the matter came to court, the only sum that was before the court was a sum, from recollection, of £12,300 or £12,500 pounds, which was the subject of a compensation order. The court sentenced Goodman and Mulcaire on the basis that £12,300 was the known transaction payment. It is clear from here and clear, as counsel knows, from other evidence, that there was at least £500,000 of certain payment by News of the World to Mulcaire.

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