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And even, sir, up to the time of the investigation which led to the prosecution, so November 2006 -- if you take out even the 2007 figure and take out all of the 2006 figure, if you want to, up to the end of 2005 there was over £400,000 of payment by bank transfer. Mr Mulcaire was sentenced on the basis of an activity which said he'd received £12,300. I think the fact that the court did not have before it information which was clearly known, known to the police -- because they told Rebekah Wade -- known to Rebekah Wade, known to Tom Crone, known to Andy Coulson -- that that was not in the court's knowledge is a serious failure which meant that the court was asked to do a job on the basis of incomplete evidence, evidence which was in the knowledge of the police and they didn't bring to the court. I think that is a -- I'd say it's an unforgivable failure, it's a completely unacceptable failure.

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