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Sir, can I just add two last things in relation to that memo, that email?

Obviously the second part of the email refers to the News of the World in general, rather than to Clive Goodman and Glenn Mulcaire in particular, and gives, as it were, the police explanation as at that date, or just before it, presumably, September 2006, as to why they weren't going wider than Mulcaire and Goodman. The bottom point:

"They suggested they were not widening the case to include other News of the World people but would do so if they got direct evidence, say News of the World journalists directly accessing the voicemails."

And then at the bottom:

"They have no recordings of News of the World people speaking to Glenn Mulcaire or accessing voicemails. They do have Glenn Mulcaire's phone records, which show sequences of contacts with News of the World before and after accesses. Obviously they don't have the content of the calls, so this is, at best, circumstantial."

This is obviously Mr Crone reporting at the time. Again, I'm trying to be a layman, not a lawyer --

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