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Yes. It seems to me the significant thing about the chronology, which I try to deal with in paragraphs 25 and 26 of my evidence, is that police seize Mulcaire's notebooks on 8 August 2006. They're analysed also in August, between the 10th and 12th, quite quickly and efficiently. The list was compiled then. That list had 418 other names, and my name, 419 names altogether. So by August, the names were known.

Then, chronologically, we have the email which we've just been talking about, which was a September email, in which Tom Crone told Andy Coulson what was going on and Rebekah Wade was clearly reported to have been briefed. Then, as it were, it came back when the police finished their work on 23 November.

Mr Crone was asked about this, obviously, in the Select Committee hearing, and -- by Paul Farrelly. Question 1398:

"Was anyone else involved with Mulcaire?"

The answer was "no".

"Nothing else was found?" he put as a question to Mr Crone. Answer by Mr Crone:

"No evidence was found."

That clearly is not true, and when he wrote the email in September, that is an accurate statement, it seems to me, of what he knew at the time, which appears to be inconsistent with an argument that all this only became evident on 29 November 2006.

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