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Just on the history, can I just summarise, sir, my points in paragraph 33? I'm able, having entered public life, and, like most of my colleagues -- you had the former Deputy Prime Minister here yesterday -- robust enough to be able to defend ourselves and take the rough with the smooth. My concern is about people who are, as sir, you indicated, the unintended victims of this activity, people who happen to be my family, my friends, my constituents, my staff, or in those relationships with other people. I know in relation to my case how harmful an effect it had certainly in one case on somebody entirely outwith political activity, and it could have had on others. That's the real mischief, not those of us who stick into the public -- step into the public arena, and therefore must expect, by definition, more interest and less protection than other people, and must expect to be able to -- I have a platform to deal with it. The people who are the friends and family of mine don't have the platform and they don't -- they shouldn't have to expect to have that intrusion.

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