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Sir, can I be -- I absolutely agree about that. I will, if I may, reveal a secret which is perfectly proper to reveal but hasn't -- sir, I have made it clear to the Deputy Prime Minister, my party leader and my colleague that in my view, in this parliamentary session that will begin next spring, May 2013, space should be reserved now in the forward-planning of Parliament to deal with anything that requires legislation, in good time before the next General Election which is scheduled for 2015. I'm very clear about that for just the reason you say. I understand exactly the point about acting off the back of the Inquiry, not waiting for prosecutions. Some things may not need legislation -- perhaps in a moment I could share two thoughts about that -- but for those which do, Parliament must absolutely not bottle it and we mustn't run away from it, and there will be some who may -- and I hear little voices already -- who will say, "Don't be nasty to the press. They're lovely. We've got to love them. The free press is important."

Of course it's important, but the press must act within a framework of proper behaviour and the police must act and Parliament needs to be ready to act and I hope there will be the space available for legislation in the parliamentary session 2013/14, so that's all in place well before the election.

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