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Sir, I agree with that. Can I just draw one parallel? For a long time in the 1980s and 1990s as an MP, I received complaints about bad practice by solicitors, and I used to take them to the Law Society and the Law Society, as you will well know, had its inquisitorial inquiry processes. Bluntly, they commanded no public confidence in those days -- I'm not trying to be unfair to solicitors as opposed to other professions -- and eventually there was pressure to make it more independent and more robust and set it up independently.

It seems to me the Press Complaints Commission has, in my time in public life, not commanded the confidence of the public. It is therefore important that we end up in a position that is not following public opinion but is at a place where public opinion would want it to be now and in the years ahead, and therefore it's important, as it were, to be ambitious about where it should be.

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